Emilio de la Morena S/S 18

On the last day of London Fashion Week, Emilio de la Morena showed his S/S 18 collection at the BFC Show Space located on 180 Strand. I was one of the lucky persons that attended the show and saw an incredible collection. But what made it so good? Was it the tailoring? Or maybe the trends? Well, no, to me, it was all about the colours. I know what you are thinking, colours are nothing new to Emilio, but the selection this season was quite special. The absence of black, and presence of blue instead, already makes a difference. This shade matches both pastel colours and vibrant shades. We see soft pink shades in some kind of tweed inspired by the iconic 90´s movie "Clueless", while hot pink is seen in total looks or paired with the blue I was telling you or with hot orange. You may be surprised by this combination, but I´m not. A year ago, de la Morena mixed red with pink, and now, we see it everywhere.

The success of this season can´t be attributed only to colours, as I was able to spot some unique silhouettes. The key are ruffles. Ruffles are seen across a pencil skirt, on the side, on the shoulders as sleeves, and in any other form you can imagine. Another trend you surely already spotted are "tops" over a shirt or even over a suit. Finally, I need to mention the skirt and top duo presented with pencil styles but also with a more relaxed style. The summary of the collection is the closing look. An orange top with a pink ruffled skirt. That´s all, that´s how you make a  statement look nobody will forget.

As I always do, I´ll share with you some background information from the designer. He was born in Spain, what explains his love of colour, where he studied sculpture. He then moved to London where he discovered his passion for design and has been doing it for the past ten years after winning the prestigious New Generation Award in February 2007. His collections are now recognised and sold woldwide.

More information: emiliodelamorena.com
Instagram: @emiliodelamorena


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