Just another cute top

When we think about getting dressed everyday, we go to pants. Specially in winter when skirts are certainly not an option. Personally I wear the same pair of jeans or black pants a few times before washing them.  When I travel I take a few basics and repeat them. But I don´t want to look everyday the same or boring, so I pick a few "cute tops" to pair with them. Yes, you can take a shirt, a t-shirt, an embroidered blouse, a bell sleeves top, a cold shoulder option.... and I could go on and on. I know I´m not saying nothing new here, but that´s my truth. I enjoy mixing one piece of clothing in numerous outfits creating different styles.

For this outfit, I styled a pair of basic Paige jeans that probable have been featured on this site 100 times. I have a few of them because I´m in love with their fit, but let´s just face that they are basic black skinny jeans. For the top I went for a pretty affordable blouse from Forever 21 with a mesh floral embroidered collar and ruffled sleeves. It´s super cute and I believe it would also look good with jeans or even with a more formal outfit. I then added another basics such as the Converse sneakers and the basic Aviators from RayBan. 

So that´s my secret to be original during my trips without overpacking. Basics and statement tops that change your style from outfit to outfit.


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