The pleated skirt

The pleated skirt might be one of the trickiest pieces of clothes to pull off, but it seems to be one of trends of the year. If I´m not wrong a few years ago, probably 5 of 6, I got my first pleated skirt, what leads me to think that it never actually went out style. 

There are a variety of models when it comes to pleated skirts, some are long and others are just above the knee. They come with prints and even in metallic colors. Materials change too, some are more structured while others are more light. In my case, I´m wearing a midi-length flexible and light printed skirt. For those reasons I decided to wear a sweater over it. As the skirt is a bit high waisted I wanted my top to cover my waist and avoid the pleated from opening too much. If, on the other hand, It would have a been a little bit shorter and more rigid, I would have opted for a shirt tucked inside. Moving on to shoes, I was not very sure. I´ve seen a lot of people wearing basic Adidas sneakers (like white  Stan Smiths), but again, if the model have been different maybe I would. Instead I went for a much more formal option and wore a pair of short heels.

Another thing I want to mention are the colors. I usually coordinate colors, but as I was looking for inspiration on how to style a pleated skirt on Pinterest, I´ve seen  that many outfits didin´t repeat the color of the skirt. So I keep it very simple and just wore neutrals and the mauve skirt.   

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



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