My Who What Wear

I recently discovered that the well known online fashion magazine also makes clothes. As expected, they base of their collections on the trends they write about, but the best part is that you can but they at Target! Yes, fashionable clothes are available at supermarkets too. As if this wouldn´t be enought, everything is pretty inexpensive with prices going up to $50. Oh, and did I mention they also do plus size? 
Under the words of Efotless and Chic streetwear for all, the clothes are the perfect everyday wear. If you need new outfits for work, this place is for you. If you just want to dress up elegantly they have many options, from dresses to matching sets, and specially a lot of shirts. To me everything seems comfortable but trendy. after all, they write about fashion! 
I got myself A white shirt with bell sleeves. If you are not familiar with this trend, it's similar to flared jeans but on sleeves. This model opens a bit at the elbows just where the flare starts and you can tie a bow there. I styled it with basic black skinny jeans and flats, but it can go with a lot of clothes. For example under a dress or with mom jeans or cropped pants. 
Just let me know what you think about this look in the comments! 

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