Tommy x Gigi "Young America"

Tommy x Gigi is the name of one of the biggest collaboration's ever made. Is a match made in heaven. When the girl of the moment met Americas all time favourite designer, only good things could happen. And for a second season in row, it happened. As expected the collection is classic and trendy. The former is seen mainly in the colors, blue, red and white, while the later, such as patches, bomber jackets and yellow are the trends spotted. Denim is present throughout the collection in jeans, jackets, a trench coats and accessories, such as a hat, a bat and platforms. The collection runs under the name of "Young America", which we clearly see in the pieces with patches which are colourful and fun. I was taking a look at the iconic bomber jacket crowded with patches that read "gigi", "love TH", "young America", .and "peace", to name a few. Another trend we sport are one-piece swimsuit, let´s not forget it´s a S/S collection. Something that must be mentioned are the prints that mix florals with stripes, and are seen both on the Tommy x Gigi and the regular Tommy Hilfiger brand. I would say that stripes, patches, denim and red, blue, white and yellow are the key of this collection.
As everything from Tommy Hilfiger, it's casual and easy to style. What's more, this special edition has more denim and as it has a young approach, super trendy, what makes it easier to pull of. Soon I'llshare my outfit so stay tuned. 
Thank you for reading!

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