RosieHW X Paige - My Look

Remember the Babes Shorts?? The ones designed by Rosie Hubtington Whiteleh for Paige Denim?Well I reviewed the full Rosie HW X Paige collection a few days aago and I mentioned them at the end. If you don't want to read that first, I'll summarize it for you. There I explained that the collection designed by Paige Adams Geller in collaboration with the British Model has a classic California style but edgier than the regular collection. This is given by embellishments and the varietion of fabrics. I don't need to tell you that it's also very trendy.
Getting more into the shorts, they were the last piece launched. But what makes them so special? First, there's a limited number of them. Only 100 lucky people will have them in their wardrobes! Second, they are signed by both designers, Paige and Rosie. And lastly, they are so cute! They are high-waisted cut-off shorts with hand-swen floral appliqués. According to their website there's a varietion of 12 designs. They were launched just in time for the Festival Season (Coachella basically), but as I'm not going to any, I decided to style them before it get's cold. 
Any Paige jean has a perfect fit. I'm usually a 27, but I felt that this shape was not the most flattering to my body, so I got a size more to have a looser fit. I also folded the ends a bit as I've seen other people (Sincerely Jules and Rocky Barnes) doing it. I aded a long sleeve loose white top and brow boots to get that California look. Finally, a pair of black sunglasses that go with everything. 
And tha's how I style the Babes Shorts. Trendy, comfortable and unique.
Thank you for reading!

Shop the Baxbes Shorts: here


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