OrneLGA Travels to NY (part 5)

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Day 17 - 27/04
On this day we went Macy's Herald Square store where every year around spring they make a flower show. The theme was carnival so everything was eccentric. I highly recommend it to you, it's amazing how they create sculptures with flowers. We then headed to Lord and Taylor, the first high-end store of the city. Around Prom time they decorate their windows with the best dresses of the season. Y casualmente me encontre con El Pelado y Jujuy que con la mejor onda se sacaron una foto!!

Day 18 - 28/04
This was my "Tomboy" day. It also rained... a lot! But we wanted to go to Wall Street and we did. The famous Charging Bull got a new friend that will stay with him till January, the Fearless Girl. It was difficult to get a good picture because of the ANNOYING tourists. I don't get why people take 200 pictures with the statue and then 150 picture of it alone. Oh, and then another 10 minute to contemplate it... On the afternoon we went to Columbus Circle and I did a little tour of the shops.

Day 19 - 29/04
Last full day in the city! Luckily the day was perfect to do some walking. We went from Central Park to Union Square through Broadway. On the way we found the famous USA flag on Time's Square and some sculptures of animals on the Garment District area. "A fancy Animal Carnival" is the name of the colourful exposition by Hung Yi. On the way we came across the Flatiron Building. I love this area because everything is so tidy and quiet. On Union Square there's a Market with fresh food, flowers and plants, homemade baked goods, and crafts.  We ended the day on Times Square by night.

Day 20 - 30/04
Also known as the day we left... I woke up and contemplated the view for the last time. I must admit I enjoyed the view of our trip to the airport. And with the plane taking off, I end this adventure.


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