OrneLGA Travels to NY (part 4)

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Day 13 - 24/03
Let me think what we did this day... I wore the New Topshop Unique collection to visit a museum. It sound strange considering I never go to museums, but it was th Museum at FIT, a fashion exhibit. There we saw 3 collections "Paris Refazhioned", "Black Fashion Designers" and "Adrian: Hollywood and Beyomd".

Day 14 - 24/03
The sond time around SoHo. It's my favourite are of the city becauae of the shops and trendy bars. I started by picking up something at Stella McCartney and headed to lunch at Jack's Wife Freda. I highly recommend it, but have patience because it's always crowded. I also discoverd that Zara has a Festival Collection. I think I could totally go to one with my jeans of choice for the day. 

Day 15 - 25/03
This is the day we finally crossed Brooklyn Bridge on foot. We went from Manhattan to Brooklyn because the view from Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights is priceless. So once in Brooklyn we treated ourselved with Shake Shack shroom burger. We then relaxed while watching the skyline of Manhattan. We ended the day at the movies watchin Beauty and the Beast.

Day 16 - 26/03
The Central Park day. Cold came back to the city but this Sunday I really felt like walking around the park, so I put my coat on and started exploring. We also did some shopping at Berdorf Goomand and had a coffee at the most fashionable bar in town, Ralph's Coffee, that can be found inside the Ralph Lauren store on 5th Avenue. 


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