My Tommy X Gigi Outfit

Today I´m showing you how I style my favourite piece from the Tommy X Gigi "Young America" collection, the denim bomber. I´ve been talking about this fashion line for a while, but I was more specific in my previous post where I did a detailed review. Make sure you read it first here to know what I´m talking about. 
Let´s talk about this look now. I created the look around the Bomber Jacket and to bring the spotlight to it, I kept it very simple. Black skinny jeans, a pair of converse and a matching long sleeve top. It's boring but that's why I'm adding the bomber. Since last year, this kind of jackets have been the trendiest, and now that patches are a thing it combines both trends. I want to mention that the patches are related to "peace and love", "young america" and of course branding with words such as "tommy" and "gigi". In other words, I got the statement jacket of the season!! 


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