My HM Loves Coachella Outfit

It´s festival season and you are probably wondering what to wear. Cochella is the "Queen" of festivals and it also set the trends for the following events. As every year, HM creates a capsule collection for the event. I did a complete review here. Basically, they used a lot of pastel colors such as pink and light blue. Denim is one of the materials they used. We find it in shorts, jeans and in this look, the skirt and jacket. I would like to highlight the embroidery. It´s one of the trends of the season, and of course it would be part of this collection. I wore matching skirt and denim jacket with a violet and grey floral embroidery. Underneath I opted for a light blue lace top. Even though the look was designed to attend a festival, I will totally wear it this summer. You can wear the skirt with an oversized white t-shirt, or the lace top with any pair of jeans/shorts. As regards the jacket, you can wear it as you usually wear a denim jacket, and not exclusively during the summer. 

Are you ready to go to a festival now?? 

See my favourite looks from Coachella: here.


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