Sunsets in a Kimono

Summer, my favourite time of the year is about to end, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. I also enjoyed trying new clothes and styles. That´s the fun of starting a new season. This year I wanted to try the "kimono". If you are not familiar with the term, is like an oversize shirt without buttons and without a collar. It has many uses, for example as a cover-up over a bikini, or simply as a light coat for casual outfits. It gets along well with both jeans and shorts. In this case, I styled a long kimono over a floral embroidered cami and a pair of denim shorts. I put my hair up as I didn´t want to have some many things blown away by the wind. I believe that the main objective of a kimono is to cover oneself a bit, but it´s also very stylish. We often want to wear a jacket in summer but the weather doesn´t allow it, but it´s perfect for a light kimono.

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