OrneLGA Travels to NY (part 1)

OrneLGA Travels to NY (part 1)
Meeting Agnes B., The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism, The Victoria's Secret Museum and the Snow Storm.

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Day 1- 11/03
After a few flight delays we arrived in New York and went directly to bed. The next day, day 1, we simply got dressed and went out. For the occasion I wore Topshop embroidered jeans, Zara boots and Gucci sunglsses. In the afternoon we went uptown to the Upper East Side to Albertine, where we met Agnes B, the french fashion designer. It was a booksigning both in English and French, but to my surpruse she wrote a message in Spanish. I have so many things to tell you that I'll write a pozt about it.

Day 2- 12/03
This day I wore Daniel Cassin pint satin pants, an HM long sleeve top (2x$20) and a pair of basic Converse. We headed to the West Village to the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism. It was it's last day in NY, so we were pretty lucky. The exhibit includes pictures and storys from them since the begining of their career. What I liked the most were the crazy (there's no other word to say it) clothes.

Day 3- 13/03
For the occasion I wore bugundary Zara Jeans and a light top from Lemon Uruguay. We first we to the Uppeer West where we saw the cute Hippp Ballerina and danced with her in front of the Lincoln Center. On the afternoon we went to 5th Avenue where we visited some department stores suvh as HM, Topshop, and the new Victoria's Secret that includes a museum of the last shows. The day ended with the city by night.

Day 4- 14/03
Yes, this was the famous snow storm day. We couldn't do muchas the streets were covered in snow, but I was ableto wear a cute outfit. Paige black jeans with an HM coat, paired with floral Topshop boots and fake glasses from Zara.


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