H&M Studio S/S 2017

H&M, one of your favourite fast-fashion store in the world now presents a special collection at Fashion Week. The fashion capital chosen is Paris. This season the incorporated the "see now, buy now" method, which means that the collection shown is the on of the season about to start, so you can go and buy your clothes for the next six months immediately after the show. For the Rady-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show the H&M Studio team presented a collection that fuse ballet romanticism with the best of sportswear. 
As soon as I arrived to New York, I went to H&M to find out more about the collection that is still available in store. I'm saying it because many pieces sold-out in a few minutes online. Already at the stores windows you can see some of the highlights of the collection. On one side we have dresses, shorts and hoods made of a very thin material that reminds me of the cloth running shorts are made of. As regards colors, it focus on black and hot pink. If we take that as the sport inspired part of the collection, the romantic side is seen on the white or cream dresses, blouses and shorts. Some characteristics are brocade, ruffles and collars. For those that pref er darker colors, many items have their black version. Last I would say there is a third inspiration with some workwear/Menswear that features satin suits, pink suits and striped and love printed two pieces. I was saying this has a menswear inspiration because they are loose fitted.
Something I didn't pay much attention during the fashion show were the accessories. I only saw flat sandals with some lace-up, but in-stores they also had some bright orange ballet flats also with a lace-up. To match, there was a small bucket bag in the same shade. What's more they had jewellery to complete the look. For example a pair of rings in withe and orange with an oriental design to slightly spice your look. 
The question is, what did I get? Well, you'll have to wait a litte, but I'll give you a hint: it's pictured bellow 😉.
Thank you for reading! Find out more about the H&M S/S 2017 visit www.hm.com or a selection of stores.


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