HM loves Coachella - The Atomics

If you follow me on Instagram ( @ornelga) you already know I'm in New York and having a lot of fun. For example, last Thursday I went to the H&M presentation of it's Coachella collection at the Time's Square store. The Atomics, a band formed by the Smith siblings, are the face of the campaign and will also be performing at the festival. So, they were invited to perform there. I'll proceed to tell you how I got to meet Lucky, Daisy, Starlie, and Pyper. I arrived to the store a few minutes before the scheduled time and looked at the collection. Meanwhile I was given a bag with goodies and when I tried to enter the concert are they asked me if I won... Yes, I was clueless I could win... win what? So they checked my bag and found out I won a meed and greet with the band!!!! I was so surprised and asked when did it take place and they told me "now", come with us! So I met other people who and then each of us took a picture with the band. I need to say this, the organisation was beyond perfect. They even took the picture for you and it looked quite good!  The band was very chill and friendly too. I then looked out for my mom who told me "don't take to long". Sorry Mom, there comes the concert. Afterwards, the band performed a few songs, including their new single "Voulez Vous" and the campaign song "Let's live for Today".
Now, let's move on to fashion. HM has been doing this special collection for a few years now and it  sets the festival trends for the season. What called my attention the most were the colors. For the first time I see pastel pink as the main color of the collection. There are t-shirts, a body and a transparent pleated skirt. I took a great idea from Pyper who wore it over black tights. Things are spiced up a bit with metallic, as seen on jackets and a body. Black is still present in indie drawings and a bodysuit I'm not particularly in love with, but Starlie rocked it anyways. Online I found a slip dress in a light blue shade with  a black lace detail that I haven't seen in store. I'm mentioning it because I love slip dresses. Finally comes denim. There's no festival without jeans, right? First there's a set of a skirt and jacket with a floral embroidery. Everything with embroidery is trendy so you should take notice of this set. There's also a pair of boyfriend jeans with a star detail on each knee and a pair of shorts with the same motif. As regards accessories, I haven't seen any in store, but there are black chokers, blue or pink lenses sunglasses and star shaped earrings and hair pins.

Shop the collection: and see The Atomics perform in this Sundays video!



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