Dior window at Saks

Saks store is one of the biggest fashion destination in New York and it had adequate windows. If you are window shopping, it's windows will make stop and stare. This time, their main windows on 5th Avenue are of Dior. Why Dior? It might be because of the popularity of the brand at the moment. We shouldn't forget about the changes that have been happening at the house. Last year, Maria Grazia Chiuri entered as Creative Director after a long career in that position at Valentino. This was particularly interesting because she became the first woman to occupy that post at the brand. She took the opportunity to express her feminist self. She was brought up in a house where both parents did the house choirs and she considers herself a feminist. Through the "Dio(r)evolution" she's teaching us "we should all be feminist". 
Trends? Of course there are trends! The Spring/Summer collection is full of tulle and corset or bra tops or dresses. We also see a lot of logos, for example in midi heels with "j'adior" written all over them. We then see the cotton t-shirt all designers are doing now, Dior's version includes the "we should all be feminist" phrase. We then add some pearls and keep it in black and white. 
That's the (r)evolution going on at Saks. If you are visiting New York, don't doubt it, go window shopping at 5th avenue, you will have fun, for sure!


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