Not that kind of girl

When you travel, you want to feel comfortable for two reasons: security check and remain seated during the flight. I was once told to wear pants as it leaves less places to "check" at the security point, and for the flight I recommend you take a light coat to cover yourself when the air temperature falls. Shoes are also a problem, I try not to remove them, but if you have constant trouble with sore feet, just wear sandals and socks (because it can be cold). 
In this situation, I was flying from Lisbon to Madrid, a short flight where I would go out as soon as I arrived to the Hotel, so I already travelled dressed. I was wearing a pair of white jeans (the same ones I'm currently wearing for my flight home from Punta del Este) with a simple tank top. As I was telling you I took a light blazer because I get cold when I'm up in the air. As regards the hat, I don't always travel with that accessory, but I had such bought it and I didn't want to put it in my suitcase. Also, no choker and deffinitly NO MAKEUP! 
And that's my travelling outfit, I find it simple and comfortable. 

Shop: jeans, hat, shoes and choker from Zara - Top from Brandy Melville


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