Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis 005

Don´t forget to watch the video first! HERE

Today is Sunday, the day many people post their weekly videos on YouTube, and I´m not one of them. I will try my best to be consistent but I know I won´t have new content, but I promise I´ll try to do everything possible to have something new every week.

As for today, I´m reviewing the NEW Pat McGrath kit, Metalmorphosis 005. I got it in the shade "bronze" but it also comes in "gold", "silver" and "copper".The kit includes a cream eyeshadow, a pigment, a black dual ended marker and a mehron mixing liquid.
1- Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze: it´s a soft glittery eyeshadow that you can easily apply all over your eye. After you apply the pigment, you can go back to the cream to blend both colors. It also works as a highlighter.
2- Mehron Mixing Liquid: the purpose of this liquid is to set the pigment. You have to mix them on a tray and apply it by tapping it to your lid. It dries after a few minutes.
3- Pigment: the pigment is dry so you need to mix a bit of it with the liquid on a tray. When liquid, apply to the centre of your eyelid by tapping it to the skin. Don´t forget to wait till it dries before moving on to the next step. It also works as a lipstick. 
4- Dual ended Eyeliner: the black eyeliner is the last step to complete the look. It has to ends, one is precise and the other one is bold. 

Pat McGrath is a well known makeup artist who has done the most revolutionary makeups at fashion week and editorial content. This kit is a summary of her work. Everything is taken to an extreme, in this case it happens with metal colors. Overall, I would say this kit is an ideal makeup look for the night! You definitely won´t go unnoticed!
What´s more, it was not difficult to use at all! I know nothing about makeup, and I managed to look fine! So, I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a bold night look.

 Thank you for reading! Don´t forget to watch the video:  HERE



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