OrneLGA MAC x Mariah Carey

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Hello guys! Today I´ll be talking about MAC Cosmetics latest colaboration with singer Mariah Carey. I know it´s pretty much sold out, but if you manage to get your hands on something, don´t doubt it and make sure to add it to your makeup desk! The collection includes shimmery lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, eye lashes, brushes and a highlighter, THE HIGHLIGHTER. I only got the highlighter, I would have also enjoyed the lipsticks, but they were kind of sold out.

I´m about to review the Highliter, but first I should let you know that it is technically not a highlighter. On the Mac website it is described as "Extra Dimension Skinfinish Powder", but everybody is using it as a regular highliter. I would say that the only difference is in the colour, it´s much more bronze than a regular illuminator, so it recommend you use it with caution unless you have a great tan, in which case it brightens the bronzed skin colour. The exact name of the powder is My Mimi, a warm gold shimmer. I came to the conclusion that the highlighter works as a bronzy blusher as well. If you want to see me trying it, make sure to watch my last video here.

Another aspect of interest is the packaging. everything either resembles diamonds or gold. You can´t expect less from Mariah, right? As regards the highlighter, it has Mariah´s face silhouete embossed into the powder. How many people can say that their face is on a powder? I guess you are the only one Mariah!
So, now you know, if you want a well defined bronzy highlighter, My Mimi is for you.

Don´t forget to see my first reaction to the product on my latest video on my YouTube channel, Orne Galvez and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it!

OrneLGA MAC x Mariah Carey VIDEO



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