That´s a wrap 2016

As the year comes to an end, we start to think about everything we´ve done during the year. For me, I could say that it was more than good. I love travelling and I´ve been lucky to do a lot of that, starting the year in Punta del Este, New York, Buenos Aires (remember that complete travel guide?), Spain, Portugal (my insta-followers favourite destination), a brief trip to Buenos Aires, Punta del Este again but with friends, and now ending this amazing year in Los Angeles!
In terms of fashion, the OrneLGA team went to BAF week P/V 2017, Estilo Rosario, and a lot of events in my city including Cher, The Market, Clara Ibarguren and many more. I also experimented with so many trends this year for example off-the-shoulder, chokers, white sneakers, and so many more.
I also introduced many ideas to my YouTube videos, like make-up kind of tutorials, travel guides, fashion events and hauls from all over the world!
In my personal life, I was able to finish my university year and also passed the Proficiency exam (I´m sorry, but I´m so happy about it).
In order to receive the new year I like to wear white. I´d been doing it from the past years and it became a tradition. This year I went for a dress from Desiderata Spring Summer 2017 collection. It may not have any particular trend but this shape looks good on every body type. What I like the most about it is the bow on the back. It´s a very simple but sophisticated detail that adds a lot of originality to the dress. As regards the shoes I went for my new pair of shoes from Miist, a vegan brand. I love the floral embroidery, but the shape of the wedge, with a small heel is very trendy right now.

That´s all for 2016. I hope you had an amazing year and achieved everything you wanted. If not, I´m going to tell you a secret, the key to my internal well being is to not worry about things that can be solved. Just think about it and start the new year with all the positive energies you can think about.

Best Wishes,

OOTD: Vestido Desiderata shop - Zueco Miist Shoes shop


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