Pink and velvet will make it

I believe that in order to wear a pink velvet dress during daylight hours you need to be a bit crazy. And well, I am. I wore this dress on a regular day in Lisbon. My aim today is to show you that you can wear a "night" dress during the day if you have the right accessories. As you can see, my dress is considerably long and that´s why I  considered it an acceptable day look. To make it look more "casual" I went for a denim shirt, that offhand has flowers embroidered on the back in the same colour of the dress! A shirt worn as a jacket of tied around you waist will instantly make your outfit less formal, besides being comfortable. What´s more, I opted for some kind of sneakers because there´s nothing more sporty than that! If you still think this is too much, it´s because it is. But think about it, how boring would it be to wear blue skinny jeans and a white tee everyday?


Mango Velvet dress here - Miu Miu Sunglasses here - Solido inc shoes -  Zara shirt here


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