Tommy x Gigi

When the it-girl/model of the moment collaborates with Americas best designer, only good things will happen, especially if Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger are involved. Some months ago the collection was announced under the name of Tommy x Gigi and everybody went crazy. I had no doubt it would be a bestseller. I also expected it to be classic, in the "American Classic" kind of way. In the end, what else can you expect from Tommy Hilfiger? Red, blue and white are for sure the colours you will find. As regards the clothes, they are nautical and American, but also more casual, chill and for a younger audience. The collection was finally showed at the designers fashion show last September. To see more, you can check the line out on their website: Tommy x Gigi

PS: this sweatshirt is so cosy and comfy... 


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