Where to eat: Buenos Aires

So, when I go to Buenos Aires I don´t worry much about the places where I eat as when I travel abroad. But this time I decided to work a bit and investigate about the best restaurants in the city. I do have some favourites, but there are some places I was visiting for the first time, so I got in websites as Trip Advisor and Yelp and did some research. The "coolest" places are in Palermo Soho, but so that you have a wider variety, I included my favourite places from different neightbourhoods. I would also like to say that Shopping Centers are great food stops. Many stands have amazing foods, for example in Galerias Pacifico I recommend you try the pastries from Nucha. 
You can see more on the following video:

 Coco Cafe
Palermo: Cabello 3794
If you are visiting Palermo, I recommend you take a seat at this little restaurant with not only a beautiful decoration, but also a great menu. It´s both, a bakery and a restaurant. We decided to go there after going to the MALBA Museum and Jardin Japones, and had lunch. I had an option from the daily menú but Mom had a vegan salad. I want to tell you that the vegan/vegetarian options are varied. So, if you are looking for a healthy place to have lunch this place is for you.

Cafe Tortoni
Av. de Mayo 825
A historical place located in the heart of the finanacila zone of the city a few blocks away from Casa Rosada. I don´t know why I haven´t been to this place before, but I´m glad I did. The first impression I had is the same one you have when you visit those old bars in Europe. I alway try the classics from each place, specially when it comes to sweet things, so I had to try the chocolate con churros. Delicious! So, I would say this place is for anyone visiting the city, aka tourists. And don´t forget to order the hot chocolate with churros!

La Panera Rosa
Palermo Soho: Costa Rica 4582
Going south in Palermo, you will come across an area crowded with bars. The coolest places in the city can be found here. I opted for this one mainly for the name...rosa...pink... and it ended up being really cool, it reminds me of the brunch places in New York. What´s more, I was talking to some friends the other day and they´ve been here before and also love it. As I was telling you it´s highly recommendable for people looking for a place to brunch. I ordered a waffle (the basic one had strawberry, banana, dulce de leche, cream and chocolate syrup) and Mom had a fantastic cheese scone according to her.
WEB: www.facebook.com/panerarosa/

Barrio Norte: Santa Fe 1898
My all time favourite restaurant in an amazing location, specially if you go by night. From my experience pizza is their best option. If you are alone, you can order an individual plate as I did. However, they have healthy pizzas and other dishes as the one my Mom ordered. Even if you hate eating the bread from the basket, you must try the one from here as it includes some pizzas. Another tip is to sit on the second floor and enjoy the view from the dishes served downstairs. I would say this is the perfect place to enjoy a clssic dinner in Buenos Aires with the locals.
WEB: www.babiecabarrionorte.com.ar

Recoleta: Vicente Lopez 2056 (Recoleta Mall)
The most excentric out of all. I mean, my dish came in a pan. First of all, be aware of the "rush hour" around 5 p.m for tea time. This place is ideal for any time of the day, but we went for lunch. I had an amazing veggie sandwich of tofu, avocado and cheese bread with a side of sweet potatoes. I recommend it for people looking for something different and an original decoration.


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