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Hello! It´s been a week since I last opened my blog, but I have a very good reason, I´d been filming a new video. I had a week of winter holidays and I decided to visit Buenos Aires that has so many things to do and is quite near from my home. I don´t need to tell you I had fun, but I´d like to share it with you. I edited my video and I´m including a short description of the places you should visit bellow. What´s more, I´ll be doing a food stops post soon with my favourite cafes and restaurants.

Watch the video  HERE

The places are in the same order of apearance as in the video

1- Galerias Pacifico
This shopping center is located on Florida Street, and is known for being an international touristic attraction. I recommend you take a look at the ceiling.

2-El Ateneo
This is library located on Av. Santa Fe and is well know for the variety and amount of books they have. It has an interesting architecture because the building used to be a theatre.

This museum is one of the best art museums of the city and always has the best expositions. Currently you can see Yoko Ono´s interactive art and also the iconic ballerina on the front.

4- Jardin Japones
A few blocks aways from the museum you will find this magical garden that will give that sensation of tidiness and romanticism. Although there are plenty of green spaces not many have so many pink flowers.

Do I need to say something?

6- Casa Rosada
Definitely a landmark you must see if you are visiting Buenos Aires, who knows, maybe you catch a glimpse of the President.

7- Shopping del Abasto
One of my favourite shopping centers is decorated with this murals designed by artist Milo Lockett.

8- Puerto Madero
One of the most breathtaking views of the city. I recommend you take a stroll by the river and cross the Puente de la Mujer, you will find it very quiet. 

9- Theatre
Going to the theatre in calle Corrientes (same as the Obelisco) is a must. Personally I like musicals so I decided to see Peter Pan. It´s a super fun show, with talented actors and it was interesting both for adults and children. 

10- Palermo Soho
As everything with the name Soho on it, is a very fashionable place. You will come across many shops, bars and unique graffiti. Make sure you take a lot of pictures!

11- Recoleta
Another neighbourhood you should visit. Not only does it has a beautiful architecture, but the green spaces are magnificent as well. Some people enjoy going into the cemetery (so weird but still popular), but people like me enjoy the view from Buenos Aires Design balcony. Oh, and on the weekend you will also find a market, if not there is a shopping center.  

12- Get lost in the magical streets of the centre. 
Some of the best landscapes can be find in Recoleta, Palermo and Monserrat. Other neighbourhoods you can visit are San Nicolas, Puerto Madero and San Telmo. Besides them, some tourists like going to La Boca, but you can get to the "insecure" places on the hop-on hop-off bus. 

13- Watch the video and make sure to visit soon for the food post!

More information here: turismo.buenosaires.gob.ar


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