I´m excited for the upcoming days in which I will be able to stay at home. When I stay at home I generally just work on my computer or read some books and magazines. I enjoy not having to go out during chilly days in the morning, but I can´t complain on having to go out everyday as there is always something fun to do. But when I do stay, the first thing I do is to change into comfortable clothes in order to start my day. My go to are tights and a sweatshirt. I don´t like sweatpants with sweatshirts because it would be to much sweat for a stay at home day. A good idea is to directly put on your work-out clothes and get ready to sweat. I guess it´s enough about sweating, what I was trying to say is that I simply put on something comfortable and start my day.

By the way, I´d like to wish my dog a Happy Birthday. He is an example of what you say "man´s best friend" and the cutest thing on the planet! Love you!!! 


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