10 trends you must try NOW

When we think about trends we know we can´t implement them all for several reasons, Some may not be comfortable, others may not look good on us, and the rest are just way to much. When thinking about trends, it´s not just what is on the market, or what bloggers or influencers wear, but what people on the streets really wear. As we get the information from magazines and websites and think, would I really wear this on a daily basis? Well, I sometimes make mistakes, BUT other times, as today, I thought what I was going to tell and made a good article based on detailed research. Well, not detailed, but at least I´ve seen people wearing them, in real life...

I also worked on a complimentary video where you can see me wearing all the trends. If you are interested you can see it here

1-Off the shoulder tops
First of all I want to talk about the off the shoulder tops (shoulder less if you like), which are a HUGE trend for summer, and look fantastic on everybody as the tend to cover the upper section of you arms that may not be of your like. It´s cool because you can wear them with necklaces and is a little bit more dressed up than a cotton t-shirt, but still not formal. What´s more, I´ve seen the dresses and rompers version of this trend and are as cute as tops.

2-White sneakers
I don´t remember if it started with "Damn Daniel" and his white vans, but the quickly raised and people loved it. Of course, that kicks are not something complicated to add to you wardrobe, but we could have refused, but as we didn´t here we are with our total black outfits and the white trainers. As many other sport shoes, I would recommend you wear them with jeans or pants, but it´s not forbidden to try wearing a summer dress with them. I suggest you get yourself a pair of white shoes, of any kind, because you won´t get tired of wearing them.

3-Neck bandanas and oversize scarfs
So, for sure this year you will be hiding your neck. I know there is nothing wrong with it, but there are many good things about this trends. For winter you will be wearing the biggest scarf you can think of and for summer you can move on to the old fashioned bandanas turned into scarfs. I can tell you, that my friends tried them, and if they say they like it, it´s because you won´t look ridiculous wearing it. Just make sure you are tying it correctly.

As we are talking about neck accessories, necklaces are in. But not any kind of necklace, just those short things that were fashionable in the 90´s that you never ever never thought you would again. But fashion comes and goes, and things reemerge and so does chokers. A tip on styling them is not to wear close tops, it´s better if you wear a shirt with some buttons open.

5-Bomber Jackets
Well, what can I say about bomber jackets? Just wear them! Originally they started as winter trends, from the waterproof casual ones (I love them, they are so warm) to the embroidered silk ones, but you can also see them during spring in other fabrics. I don´t spending money on my bombers as they are the best purchased I´ve made this year, I wear it all the time with different styles and get many ideas from street style photos as everybody is wearing them. Just go and get one, preferably in black or green for more ideas.

6-Over the knee boots
I´ve been talking about high boots for like three years, but they don´t seem to be leaving our closets any time soon. It has become the most popular winter shoe and everybody is wearing them. What is more, they look good with almost everything, with jeans and with dresses for a bit more of formality but I wouldn´t consider it formal at all. If you haven´t yet, you should give them an opportunity.

7-Slip Dress and Nightwear
This the most catwalk inspired trend. But if you think about it, is really simple. Imagine you wake up, and are ready to go. Well, it´s not technically the same clothes you sleep in, but it consists of a shirt and loose trousers, as well as cami dresses. Remember it´s all about silk and some lace if you want some details.

8-Embroidered denim (keep your jeans straight and mid-rise )
Jeans are always on the list of trends, this time they get a makeover and become straight. I guess you´ve been wearing skinny jeans for the last 10 years, and were wondering when would we get over them, well not now. But there is a new jean every season, and this time it´s the turn of straight jeans. But most importantly, a detail as embroidery must be present. Yes, I know it´s not easy to pair them but it´s not impossible. Use only basic colours and you are done.

9-Suede skirt
A mini skater skirt is our summer go to. I am not a huge fan of skirts but they are really simple to match and they create very fresh outfits. What´s more, you can also wear them for a night out. But for the rest of the day I suggest you wear flat sandals for a more relaxed look.

10-Western belts
When was the last time you read the word "belt" on a list of trends? Well they are back with the particularity of western buckles. It all started with the popularity of music festivals (the same that happened with chokers). Even though you won´t be wearing this belts with every single outfit they look good with relaxed looks.


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