When in SoHo

I love winter and I love layering clothes. When it comes to cold days, instead of wearing thick sweaters I can´t put on with any coat, I rather pair a long sleeve top with a flannel and the usual warm coat. The key is on the flannel. I´d been on the hunt (I always say the same) for a good flannel for a while and I found this one on some kind of sale on Urban Outfitters. They always have this kind of clothes there so it was my first stop. They had it in various shade but I got this one because it has many dark colours, is think and has some softer stripes. Talking about stripes, I opted for such printed top that also happens to be thick under it. To finish I wore my stapple warm coat of the season. As for bellow, I had to go for jeans, also my usual black ones from Paige and my new favourite boots. I was once told that the most cold gets to you through your head so when I realised how cold it was I put on my beanie. So would you wear this outfit? I would, and I don´t need to go back to New York to do so...

ootd:  Paige JeansMacy's BootsUO FlannelBrandy TopZara Coat, Topshop Bag, 


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