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OrneLGA Travels to LA video is finally up! Believe it or not, its´s been six months since I went to Los Ageles, but I feel quite relief because I did post in the meantime. (Forgetting about the fact that I still have to work on videos from September).
LA is one the best places of the world. The pace of life is quite relaxed and there are plenty of things to do on open air spaces. It´s one of those city's you will find activities for your whole family and for you to do when you are alone. However, the best aspect is the weather. It´s always warm with very little rain. This explains why so many movies are filmed here.
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Video on my You Tube channel Orne Galvez: HERE

I highly recommend you take a look at my video for a more complete view, but bellow I´ll list some of my favourite places.

LA here I come!

We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel. It has the perfect location on Hollywood Bv. which means you will for sure have somewhere to go. And did you know that the first Oscars were held at this hotel? Besides, we got a room with a view to the mountains and to the city downtown. I might have taken way to many pictures of  the view...

Hollywood Bv. is the number one touristic attraction of the city. While it may not have anything of relevance, if your want to see the stars stars this is your place. I enjoy this area because there is always somebody walking on the streets which is a very rare image in the city. Some places you must see are the dolby theatre, and a nice open air shopping. You can also do some shopping and dine at Hard Rock cafe, but there is also (several) Starbucks and Subway. The restaurant at the Hotel called 25° was very good and we discovered a nice coffee shop called Tiago with very healthy options. 

On Fairfax and 3rd you will my favourite landmark of the place, The Grove. This is an open mall that has some kind warmth, I can´t exactly explain it, but I feel really comfortable here. The shops go from Barneys to Zara. It is located besides  Farmers Market and across from a Whole Foods. And the shopping has some bars and besides, on the parking lot there are more places to grab food. The burgers at the Veggie Grill are the best ones I´ve ever had.

A few blocks away you will come across LACMA, a must see place where you have to take a picture with those lights.

This wings by Colette Miller are very popular on instagram. You will find them on the 3rd Street and Orlando Av. across a cute Magnolia Bakery store.

Aproximately one block away from those wings you will find the Beverly Center where you can spend some time shopping at Macy´s or at some high end shops.

As well as 3rd, Melrose Avenue is a very popular street. You won´t find many people walking as locals are stuck to their car seats, but it´s interesting to have a stroll there. Make sure to make a stop at Alfred for the best coffee in town. 

Moving on to the posh Beverly Hills a cool option is to walk a bit on Rodeo Drive.

Up we go to snap a picture of the breathtaking skyline of the city from the middle of nowhere. Yes, LA has the best of nature and city. Afterwards, we must snap anothere photo of the sign that once read Hollywoodland... but I think I´ve told that story before.

If you are looking for a day full of fun, you can take the subway from Hollywood and Highline and get down only one stop later at Universal Studios theme park. You can also walk a bit outside on the city walk.

While Disney is located far far away, it´s also a full day activity. For more watch my Disney exclusive video here and read about it here

Full day activities include going to the coast, to Venice beach and Santa Monica. Personally I´d rather go to the second one, but I must admit Venice has a lot of history. For more on this places have a look at my previous article here.


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