Love Life

Happy whatever day it is. How are you doing? I´m on those times of the year in which I have no idea of what day I´m living, I simply get up and do. As weird as it sounds, it happens to everybody. We unconsciously do stuff and the same happens with clothes. I have some "ready" outfits. A case in point is the outfit bellow. It´s simple. I´m wearing my all time favourite jacket, that as almost every leather jacket it goes with every outfit. Then, I have  a pair of not so basic jeans. I love Paige jeans as they have a good fit, I wear them in black all the time, but this ones are a bit more elegant or at least interesting with the metallic details on both sides. Needless is to say how basic the sunglasses are. So does the top. Slip on sneakers are a great alternative to another kind of sneakers and so much formal. 

Outfit idea: Biker Jacket + Basic long sleeve top + slip on sneakers + aviators + shoulder bag
Tip 1: keep the variety of colours simple, just black and white
Tip 2: add something interesting either with the trousers or shoes. A western belt could also work. 


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