Grey and Blue

Essentials? When it comes to basic pieces the fashion industry enjoys giving your everyday essentials a twist. Such is the case of jeans that have a ripped knee, or sweaters that get cropped, and even when your everyday shirt gets stripes. In other words, my outfit. I´d been doing a lot of everyday outfits lately, mainly because I feel that they are the most useful ones. I mean, you will have at least 5 opportunity's each week to try one of them. I always think that the key is on doing wise shopping. Picking good jeans or a versatile coat. I wore this outfit the other time we went to see Paul McCartney and I would consider it "long lasting". Well, that´s an strange adjective for an outfit. However it is true. I left home around 5 and sat down for approximately 6 hours, explored the city and it was not until 7 p.m that I finally made it to the show that lasted for another couple of hours. I wouldn´t say that was a whole day, but it almost made it to 24 hours. Another highlights from the look are the sunglasses that are attention grabbing, besides the classic white sneakers. 
So, take a look at the outfit, that by the way, the photos were taken with my phone. I´m impressed with the quality! I even made the video with it and I must admit I like it more than my camera when it comes to filming. 



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