Cherry Blossom

The low temperatures are driving me crazy, and I can only dream about one thing, dress season again. I´m looking forward for sunny days in which you can wear colours again. Exactly like the day I shot this outfit. It was one of the first days of spring in NY and  I remember it had snowed the previous day so I wasn´t exception much, but the miracle happened. It was not precisely warm, but the few sun rays had an effect on me and I dare shot a mid-season outfit. 
I took two of the hottest trends of the season: off-the-shoulder tops and white sneakers. Don´t ask why, just go get a shoulderless top NOW. I would say that they are exclusively for the summer, but white sneaker work well with skinny jeans, suits and casual dresses. I will write more about the trends for the season soon. What I like the most about the outfit are the pastel colours and the details add by the boyfriend jeans. Just think how two pink flowers can make a pair of boyfriend jeans something totally different. I want to re-wear this again, but I have to accept that I still have 3 more months to go to say the least. 
Anyway, I do have the pictures and the memory. Oh, I do remember how out of nowhere flowers sprung. I´m not sure but I think this is called "cherry blossom" and are the cutest trees ever!
Thank you for reading and have a nice week!


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