And suddenly I´m 20

Happy Birthday to me! Well, not really, but it´s Friday and that is even better. I turned 20 last Wednesday and I already see wrinkles on my face. Today I did a little party with my closest friends. It was one of the happiest birthdays ever. I despise organising meetings, and going to a cafe was such a relief for me as I had nothing to plan. And did I mention we went to a vegan place?  What´s more, I got to wear this beautiful dress I could only put on for a special occasion, and what is more special than your birthday? I think I am talking way too much about how I feel but I´m truly happy. I mixed my friends from school, university, my childhood and the ones I met though mutual friends, and that is exactly what I like about birthdays. 
Moving on to the outfit, as I told you before I wanted to wear something "special" as it was my birthday. This dress is from Natalia Antolin, an Argentinian designer, but it´s part of a collection designed by la China Suarez who is an actress and model. The collection in general is true to her style, with a lot of details, few colours and many embellishments. I would say it is a bit on the romantic side and on the rock style as well, but over all, it has that vintage vibe that we all know she loves. It´s a trendy collection, not only because those pieces are fashionable, but because she makes them fashionable. We could say she is an it-girl and creating her clothing line made it even better. The dress is one of the best pieces of the collection and I like it for several reasons. It has a simple shape, it has pearls and little stones over some kind of lace, and what everybody is talking about, the pockets. I believe as it is a rather short dress a pair of over the knee boots would be the best option for this dress. 

So, I´m sorry if I bored you but I wanted to thank my friends for being my friends and talk a bit about this look I´m in love with.
I wish you a nice weekend!

China by Antolin dressMacy´s boots, Pandora accessories


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