Ripped Jeans and Stairs

Hi guys! Welcome to a new personal style post. I have a lot of story's to share with you but I´d been a bit busy recently and I want to spend some time on each post and give it the relevance they need. In this case I´m presenting you an outfit from a cold day in New York. I just opted for an interesting casual outfit with just an oversize coat. When the weather doesn´t require of several layers of clothing, I  rather wear a normal outfit with just one warm coat. My outfit in this occasion consisted of a destroyed pair of black jeans. I always wanted one with many cuts, and I liked this one as it was a bit high-rise and skinny. As I was just telling you, high-rise jeans go perfect with a shirt inside the jean. To make it more interesting, I took this idea from some Pinterest investigation, I opened some of the top bottoms with a triangle lace bra underneath. To finish the look I opted for a western belt as they are very trendy at the moment and I couldn´t not get one. As regards the soes, I wanted something simple and I had this one by hand. The main character is the coat, and as I told you in my latest haul video it´s warm and cute, and goes with several outfits as it´s a bit oversize.
For those interested, this is Carrie Bradshaw´s neighbourhood, I think it´s called West Village. If you are visiting the city, I recommend taking a walk through the lower buildings area and stopping for some pictures sitting on some steps.
That´s all for now! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice ending of the week.


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