I live in my Calvins

Calvin Klein, the basics of the basics, the one brand logo you need in you wardrobe. It´s one of those cases in which the name is all, but it´s fine, it´s all up to the CK. When you add the CK to a plain t-shirt, it stops being plain and it becomes a trendy item. You are not wearing a black t-shirt, you are wearing a CK t-shirt. You may be against branding, something is not better because of it´s logo, but occasionally, those products that are massively produced simply become modern essentials that we can easily mix and match with the ultimate essential, the skinny jean. 
Calvin Klein has always had two clashing styles, one was the sexy side that was the centre of attention back in the 90´s with those jeans advertisements, and then the runway collection that from the beginning up to now and will always be sophisticated, pure colours as white and full of straight lines. And in between we have the logo. The logo, as I like to call it, is not a collection, it´s present on underwear (you know #mycalvins) and mainly in the Jeans collection. 
I may or may not have done this on purpose, but back in December, I wore something extremely similar, a kind of of winter version of this outfit. Instead of the tank t-shirt, I wore a black sweatshirt, and if you ask me, I can´t decide which one I like the most. Why? Because they are the same but with different shapes. I recommend you take a look at this post here if you are interested in basics. 
I think I´ve talked to much about the influence of the "logo mania" but it´s everywhere, and we just don´t pay attention to it. Sometimes, it´s necessary, sometimes it´s not. This time it is. I don´t want to skip saying that the quality is very good. The cotton is really similar, and for those who wonder, my jeans are also Calvins, and I couldn´t be happier about it. You know that feeling of satisfaction you get when a pair of jeans have a perfect fit, well that´s how I feel. It´s hard to get your hands on a good pair, but when you do, you just don´t want to take them of. I "live" in my Calvins would be my moto if I was part of their campaign.


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