Winter Colors

Happy Monday! Yes, I said happy, because there is something good about finishing your Monday, now you only have 4 more days till the weekend! Well, that´s enough talk about the days of the week. Let´s move on the conversation to this outfit. At first sight it looks unconventional. I even think it´s unconventional, but sometimes it happens. I stated with the leggings, I saw them I thought they were original, but I had a hard time deciding what would look good with it. I guess that the reason is that we are not so used to wearing brown nowadays. I ended up deciding on a white t-shirt and sneakers. I felt it was a bit boring so I added the scarf. I am not very good with "adding scarfs", but I took the risk, and as it was a very simple outfit, the prints looked appropriate. Last, I saw the flannel and remembered I needed some kind of outerwear, and as everything I had by hand was either black or grey, I stayed with the flannel that casually looked good with the trousers. And that my dear friends is how I created this outfit, which by the way, is less though and more natural. 

I wish a nice week! Thank you for reading!

OOTD: UO FlannelZara Sneakers and Trousers, Aeropostale Tee, HM Scarf


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