Best from Resort 2017

Only a small number of luxurious brands design a Resort collection, and even less present them on a show. But those who do, present them in the most extravagant way possible. Many of you may be wondering what are resort collections! Well, to put it in a simple way, they are the "Holiday Collection". Also known as a Cruise Collection, they are ready-to-wear clothes presented in between the usual seasons spring/summer and fall/winter.
This year, the most relevant shows were shown by Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior. The most eccentric locations you can think of: Cuba, Rio de Janeiro and London from a different perspective.  

Chanel, under the creative direction of Karl Lagerfeld, opted for the most controversial destination ever, Cuba. A place that has it´s charm and a very strong culture. What should be highlighted from the show is the international political significance it had. That a brand as Chanel goes to La Havana and even presents a collection there, implies that there are no more boundaries between Cuba and the rest of the capitalist world system. To understand the collection, you should first forget about Chanel as you know it. This time it was about flats, hats, and loose pants. Of course it was still elegant, but it has a more distressed way, complimented by the variety of colours and finished with an old Cuban hat.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Viutton opted for another important city this year, Rio de Janeiro, where in about a month the Olypic games will take place. First of all it would be interesting to depict the location a bit. The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum fuses the a modern building with a natural scenario of the famous Brazilian beaches. Clothes? Well, Nicholas Ghesquire designed his most sporty collection up to now. In his own words "sophisticated and casual sport".

And then came Dior, that moved to London. You may be thinking that London is a boring destination for a resort collection, but you are wrong. Guests were taken from Victoria Station to Oxfordshire in the glamorous "The Dior Express", where they spend an hour during the famous tea time. The collection won´t instantly make you want to travel to the Caribbean, but it still has it´s resort element. It´s in the prints and the accessories, that were still very clean, tidy and elegant thank to designers Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux.

Here comes the brand of the moment! Thanks to Alessandro Michele and his genius mind the brand move to London for the resort collection, to the historical Westminster Abbey to be more precisely. When the city in fashion collides with the designer everybody is talking about, only this can happen. We all know that Gucci has this vintage look, and for this time he brought it all back, 90´s, 80´s and according to my mother many of the things are older. What is more, he mixed tartan with vibrant colours, together with the well known floral prints and the modern patches. I enjoyed seeing the domestic animals (dog and cats) shapes that played a central role in many pieces. As regards accessories sunglasses played an important role as well as oversized jewellery. The classic handbags once again were remodelled. Before I forget, something that called my attention was the comeback of acid was jeans, I guess it´s time to take them out again. I fell that the opulence of Italy was brought to the carefree London with a slight touch of the French elegance. From a ladylike skirt and jacket duo to a floral printed suit, Gucci will give you something to talk about.

If you think we are back to the 60´s and the Beatles are still together you are wrong. It´s just another Moschino show full of colours, prints, and that vibe that only Jeremy Scott can create. That´s what I like the most about the brand, it´s sense of fun. After all, clothes should be fun, right? The show took place in LA, homes of many celebrities who couldn´t stop themselves from sitting on the front row. The same happened with the models, a group of a-listers got to walk the runway. So, are you ready to be a 21st Century colourful Hippie?


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