Battery and Bandanas

Happy (rainy) Sunday! I wanted to take advantage of the weekend and organise the week a bit. I know I haven´t been posting frequently but I want to do it consciously, taking my time in order to deliver something of good quality. As it is Sunday, I thought it could be and interesting option to start the week. Bandanas as scarfs rise as a trend last year, but then they were affected by the massification of trends. Now, we all know about them and we want to look different. Well, it´s hard to do so when they are so popular but I came up with a cool way of doing so. By layering a bandana over another print, you will get a never seen before look. However, be careful with the colours, make sure both prints compliment each other. In my case I stick to black and white, having a classic bandana over a flower print shirt. Forget about the headband, it´s all about the scarf!!
To finish the outfit I went for green jeans. I came to the conclusion that a very low colour works well as an alternative to blue jeans, so I wanted to give it try. Of course it depends on what you wear it with, but green is a colour that works either for summer or winter. For example, in this case, I opted for black details and it looks fine, but for St Patrick´s day I style the same jeans with a colourful floral bomber jacket (here).
I hope you like the outfit and dare yourself wear a bandana as a scarf! Thank you for reading!


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