3 Food Stops: La Plata

You may think I may have nothing to post, but no. Sometimes I enjoy challenging myself and writing about topics that are not my usual. Today I´m talking about 3 food stops in La Plata, Argentina, especially now that has become a popular place due to the amount of concerts held there. I like this places and that´s I consider them worth the visit.

Boutique de Pizzas
Everybody loves pizza, but that´s not the only thing you can find here. We were consciously looking for a place to have lunch and we saw this place which reminded me of on of my (and friends) favourite at home. So we took a seat and ordered two "calzones" that ended up being delicious. I recommend it for a normal, but fun lunch while you are sightseeing as it is located near Plaza Moreno.
Where? Calle 10 & Av. 51
Web: www.boutiquedepizzas.com

Located near the shops, on a nice area I would say, this place calls your attention. It has what we like to call: aesthetic. It´s modern but with the British vibe, I mean, take a look at the restrooms that imitates the London underground. What´s more, the food was fantastic! I had the best almond croissant ever! Highly recommendable for a quiet afternoon tea or an unconventional night out.
Where? Av. 51 esq. 5
Web: www.foodieweb.com.ar

Located near the previous one, it´s a great option for breakfast, a coffee stop, or a beer and something else. It has an appealing to the eye vintage decoration, and so does the food. For example, I´ve never seen a more beautiful presentation for a plain orange juice. It a cosy place on an excellent location.
Where? Calle 51 e/4y5 n°486
Web: www.facebook.com/Bachicha


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