Shades of Denim

A new personal style has just landed. If I´m not wrong this is from my second day in New York and I hope you are ready because you will be seeing all my NY outfits soon. As I was telling you, this one is one of the first ones, I remember it was on a weekend and I decided to act as a New Yorker and visit the Upper West Side, stopping at Magnolia Bakery first. It´s not mandatory but it is worth every single minute you spend there. Maybe I´ll write an article about my favourite food spots soon. 

I also visited the Lincoln Center and took some pictures on the stairs. For those who don´t know, it used to be the location for New York Fashion Week shows until last year approximately. The place is perfect for the "street style" photography part of the event. 

Outfit time! I wore a self made co-ord, I first came across the skirt at HM and then I got the denim jacket in Zara. Even thought I already own an a-line denim skirt, this one has a kind of patchwork with some shades of denim and it was not basic at all. As regards the jacket I saw it and investigated a bit and came across this collection for Trafaluc called "I am Denim". Zara collaborated with artists of different city's who designed different pieces made of denim, from jeans to jacket including overalls, skirts, shirts and dresses. They all have a particular style, as some are inspired by the 90´s grunge and others have some prints inspired from the 70´s or even have modern stickers. I´d been on the hunt for a denim jacket for a while, and what made me go for this one was the phrase on the back that reads "different world". It let me thinking of how much we can get out of it and I even that of drawing a parallel of changing the world and the rise of jeans. When they first appeared they revolutionised the fashion world forever, and why can´t we do the same to the world and seek for a definite peace. I leave you thinking about it because I have to go now. Thank you for reading and see you soon!



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