Red Roses

It´s FRIDAY! I´m really excited because I´m having a long weekend as I didn´t have classes today. Sometimes a day off is necessary. I´d been wanting to post something for a while but I just needed that day off to do so. I randomly picked this outfit, but for no particular reason I like it. It´something I dind´t get inspiration from somebody else, and this kind of cropped jeans are not a trend at the moment. So, I don´t have much to say about the outfit, but I like it. I simply feel that somewhat, slightly high-rise cropped jeans look good. 
I don´t want to talk about useless things anymore, so I´ll say a few words about the outfit. First, the jeans were on my wishlist for a while after seeing the details on the Topshop twitter account, but they were not available online so I supposed I would never get them. I went shopping and they appeared on the "last chance to buy" section. Something similar happened with the shirt, so the  moral of the story is that you should never give up on the search for a clothing item. A superficial moral, but a moral anyway. The shirt was interesting taking into consideration that "pyjamas" are a trend at the moment. I´ve seen people wearing the whole matching set and look fantastic, but it´s not for everyone. 
Tell me what do you think about this outfit and if you would give it a try. Enjoy the weekend and thank you for reading!

I´m wearing all Topshop, YSL sneakers and Ray Ban aviators. 


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