Party Edition 6

And we finally arrived to the last day of this party edition. It was hard work at first, having to think about different looks, but now I´m proud of it. Besides it was fun to get dressed up in different outfit and trying to look a bit presentable (I´d rather shoot day outfits behind a pair of sunglasses). If you haven´t yet, you must visit the previous ideas and see if they are more suitable for you. As I was telling you, each of them is different form one another and could be adapted to different situations, as for a wedding guest, a prom, or just a night out. On day 1 it was all about a pair of over the knee boots, on day 2 we worked with colours, day 3 we introduced the concept of a midi dress, on day 4 we innovated with trousers and on day day 5 we added some sparkles to the night. 

As for day 6, I worked with a trend everybody is loving, and you should to. It´s about the high neck dress cut that shows your shoulders and makes the illusion of a smaller front. I don´t if I´m explaining it correctly, but we could say it´s very flattering. This dress also comes with a delicate open on the back that closes around the neck as well. All in all, as if the high-neck wasn´t enough, the dress has an a-line skirt that starts quite up, making it very loose. To add more points, the dress is asymmetrical, longer on the back slowly shortening towards the front. I tell you, from my own experience, that you should give this kind of dresses a try. They look more elegant and you will feel more confident. 

The shoes won´t give you much trouble, just find something that you feel good with, but the problem appears when doing your hair. Everybody recommends an up-do, quite formal and old fashioned. If your definition of up-do is a messy bun, I recommend you try with a single french braid and make it messy by loosening some hair strands from the front. 

I guess that´s all for this party edition. I hope I´ve helped at least one of you with any kind of event you are attending in the near future. Have fun and add your own ideas!

Thank you for reading!

Urban Outfitters dress: here
Alternative for the shoes: here


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