Party Edition 3

Day 3 is here, the middle of the week, the hump day, the longest day of the week... Make sure to read about the previous posts, on day 1 I styled over the knee boots with a cami dress with and open back, and then on day 2 I opted for a colourful slip dress with flat sandals. 

As for today, I decided to innovate a bit more, create a more futuristic look. A midi dress gives me that magazine photoshoot feeling. Ever since I found out about all that midi stuff (dresses, skirts, heels), I became obsessed. You can create a very elegant look while using a midi length and with a waist cut. All in all, this dress has it all, the lace, the sleeves, the waist, the midi length... Let me tell you something, this kind of thick lace is trendy at the moment. I guess it all started with a brand called Self Portrait, but now it´s everywhere. I suggest you incorporate it to your wardrobe as soon as possible.

Last but definitely not least, I´ll talk about the shoes. No heels again! We all know they are painful, and we can´t stand them after one hour, but at the same time, we adore looking taller. Well, platforms are the solution. We´ve seen them in the shape of sandal, but what about winter? Then you have oxfords/brogues! Maybe if I say men working shoes you are more familiar with them. But woman oxfords are nothing new, it girl Alexa Chung has been walking in them since 2010. Thanks to "homebody's" imagination, we now have comfortable platformed oxfords! Over the years, this Stella McCartney shoes became a basic in every fashionistas closet. Now you have them in different colours, patterns and textures, but the good news are that they are 100% cruelty free! I highly recommend this or any other kind of platformed shoe as the most accurate alternative to heels.

This is probably my favourite outfit, but come back tomorrow for more ideas!

HM Lace Dress: here
Stella McCartney Shoes: shoes
Kenzo Ring: here


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