Party Edition 2

Welcome to the second day of this special party wear edition. If you are not familiar with this, I´ll be posting 6 different outfits for a night out or that might even inspire you to a revolutionary prom gown, who knows? If you want, you can take a look at yesterdays post, Party Edition 1, here.

I had to describe this look in a few words, I would say: colourful, classic, and flats. 

First of all, the first idea I had was that I needed something more simple, with straight lines and to the knees or bellow. We may not be used to the length of dresses on the streets, but they work on magazines and it´s time for us to try something knee length. The dress is not as boring as you think, because of the details on the back. As if it wasn´t enough, I added a bralette to make it more interesting. What´s more, the dress has a lot of colours. I understand that this is something you love or hate, but I did want to include at least one colourful look. 

As regards the shoes, I opted for a pair of flat sandals as I know not everybody likes to wear heels. I guess it´s okay if you do it once in a while... Heels can be killer sometimes, and I am totally in favour the use of flat sandals during the summer. Make sure to get an embellished or laced up pair to compromise the lack of heel. 

I suppose that´s all for now! Remember to come back tomorrow for more!

Topshop Dress: here
Steve Madden flat sandals (similar here)


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