Party Edition 1

I decided to dedicate the week to party wear. I know that April is "prom month" and all teen magazines are giving you ideas on what to wear on that unforgettable night. Time changes and not everybody wants to look like Cinderella, so I thought of some outfits that could be suitable for prom night in which you will feel more comfortable while dancing, with a small budget and trendy for all those fashion followers reading this. Of course this outfits are non-prom-exclusive, actually, it´s the toatal opposite. I simply thought about some different "formal" ideas for any kind of party.

Today is day 1 and I had a very clear image of what I wanted to do with this outfit. I´t deffinitly the most unusual out of the 6, but it worked before and it will work in the future. Over the knee boots were on the market long before we spotted, but it was not untill 2013/14 that they became popular. They first emerged as a models-off-duty accessory, but now, they are in every fashion lover wardrobe. Usually worn with jeans for a no so casual look, they can also be styled with dresses. If you want to see how to style them, you can read this post from 2014 (almost two years!) At first thought, I was not so convinced of wearing them with a more formal dress, but when I saw Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at a Burberry event wearing black boots with a slip lace dress, all my doubts went away. 

Another thing I feel the need to talk about are chokers. If you thought you were not going to see them again after the 90's grunge, you were totally wrong. With the rise of music festivals, a lot of trends reemerged and one of them are chokers. I´m sorry to tell you but we are all loving them! As long as you are not wearing a halter dress, this kind of necklace will work. 

If you thought I was not going to talk about the dress, you were absolutely wrong again. How can I put into words my love towards it. It´s literally my ideal dress. A cami dress is the sollution to 99 of your 100 problems. Not really, but it does look good. The open back is an interesting detail that only adds points. As a whole the three pieces make an interesting outfit. You are dressing down the dress with the boots, but keeping it fun with a nice necklace. I would recommend this outfit for a night out with frinds, aka, for clubbing! I really hope you have fun if you wear it! 

See you tomorrow!

Forever 21 Sheeny Cami Dress: here
Topsho Choker: here
Macy´s boots: here


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