OrneLGA´s Winter Haul (NY)

Yay! A new haul video just went up on YouTube! I´m excited because it´s a winter exclusive haul from everything I got during my recent trip to New York. Now that it´s getting cold at home, it´s time to plan our seasonal shopping, from cosy coats to warm shoes. I tried to include a bit of everything, but be aware of the fact that at least a 50% of the clothes are black. My recommendations are: 
-invest on a good bomber jacket
-make yourself of a pair of over the knee boots
-get a western belt as soon as possible

Thank you very much for watching and I hope I´d helped you get dressed. See bellow for all the links to buy the things and watch the video on my YouTube Chanel: Orne Galvez 

Link: here


In Order!

1- Topshop MA1 Zip Bomber Jacket - shop here
2- Zara Military shirt - shop here
3- Urban Outfitters BDG Olly Flannel Shirt - shop here
4- Topshop Unique floral shirt here
5- Uniqulo by Carine Roitfeld shirt here
6- Topshop Daisy print shirt on sale - here
7- HM striped Shirt - here
8- Zara green jeans - here
9- Zara blue jeans - here
10- HM destroyed jeans - here

11- Paige Denim jeans - here
12- zara brown legging
13- Topshop dress - here
14- HM Lace Dress - here
15- Eleven Paris Karl is my Father t-shirt - here
16- Zara wool coat - here
17- Topshop bag
18- HM Belt - here
19- Urban Outfitters bandana - here
20- Macy´s Over the knee boots - here

21- HM hat - here
22- Zara white sneakers - here
23- Topshop Love Life trainers - here
24- Stella McCartney Elyse shoes - here


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