New York is For...

I´m back, not only from the trip, but also from some days I decided to take off and try to organise my life a bit. As a celebration, here are some photographs from our first day in New York. By the way, have you read my recent post on our day in Venice and Santa Monica? 

On DAY 1 of OrneLGA Travels to NY I only wanted to shower. I'm not going to lie, but in spite of how short the flight is, or how interested I am on the city, I always have the need to shower. I guess it might mean I want to start fresh. Unluckily for me, we didn't get a room till 3 p.m. so we dropped off the luggage at the hotel and off we went. I can't complain about the weather because it was a sunny chilly day, but nothing compared to other years. Don't be fooled by my description, I did have to put a scarf on, but it was an enjoyable weather for walking. After having some breakfast at one the billion Starbucks in Manhattan we went to the iconic Time Square. It may not be my favourite New York landscape, but it has it's charm, or at least is always crowded. We did some photos, but not many because it's a mandatory way if we are going south and I don't want to get tired of it. But I sure would by the third day. Anyway, afterwards we walked the 42nd street towards 5th av. and passed by (the iconic again) Bryant Park, and did some "window shopping". You didn't believe that, right?
Anyway day 1 is almost over, but I thought I would talk about something else before ending the post. And by something else I always mean my outfit. Me and my more wore matching t-shirts inspired on the special occasion.
OOTD: Wildfox t-shirt, Paige Jeans, YSL shoes, Burberry Scarf and vintage jacket.


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