OrneLGA Travels to Disney CA!

When "the happiest place on earth" and "the golden state" get together, it can only result in one perfect thing, Disney California Adventure. When we arrived to Disney, an hour away from Hollywood, we still had to decide which theme park we were going to spend the day at. We ended up going to "Disney California Adventure", as it has all the Disney magic located in a California atmosphere. Besides, I was sure it was going to be totally different from the one in the Orlando location. I can´t talk much about the place, it´s better if you watch the video (yes, a new travel video is up on YouTube!!!), but I will tell you some details. Already from the entrance you can feel that you are not in a normal place anymore. Smiles to the right, giggles to the left, a good mood is the consequence of the visit. For the Starbucks addicts, make sure to pay a visit to the huge store, and as we talk about food, you must have a "Mickey Mouse" shaped ice-cream. I´m such a fun of stuff like that! 
As regards the attractions, the mandatory stop is at the Mickey wheel in the pier area, near the huge roller coaster. There are two levels of "fun", one where the cart will move as it goes round, and the classic one that stays in one place from the beginning till the end. Silly me, decided to go on the one that moves and it ended up being fun but unexpected. Before leaving this area, make sure to snap a picture of the wheel, and just so you know, this place was the most instagrammed location on 2015! wow! Some other cool activities for "grown-ups" are the Aladdin show and try to catch some of the outdoors shows as well. And for the younger audience, or maybe not, there´s a Frozen sing-along show! 
Another tip is to wear something comfortable, and low shoes! You will be doing a lot of walking. And to finish your look a pair of mouse ears to look super cute!

Bellow I´m sharing my outfit details, some pictures of the day and my Travel Video! I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired to go to Disney soon! 

Thank you for reading!

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