One year, One piece

Oh, how I miss those days on the beach. It´s always calm and I try to rest as much as possible. I can´t believe how fast time flies, I guess we should enjoy the moment more and think less. We always have those moment in which we do things without thinking it. That was my case when I bought this swimsuit last September on a sale in London. Yes, in that huge glamorous Victoria´s Secret store. I went there one day and walked by the swim section, but didn´t pay much attention as they don´t have the "coolest" bikinis on winter, but this one caught my eye. I don´t exactly know why, but it looked so different. I left without it, but with another bikini. A couple of days went by, and I took another trip to the store and on a whim I purchased it. When the time of wearing it came, I realised how awkward it made my tan lines look (you will notice that under that v-cut you can see a regular triangle bikini tan). Well, but apparently this style of one-piece bikinis are trendy this year, if you don´t believe me, check the VS Website where half of them has a V cut. I may never get one of them again, but the positive side is that they are original, and not boring at all. 

You like them or not they are hot as summer this season, so I picked some for you:



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