Happy Saint Patrick's day!!!!!I

Happy Saint Patrick's day!!!!!I hope you haven't had too many beers... Or at least not as the thousand guys I saw today, from 8 till now. Particularly, I like the 17th of March because we not only remember St. Patrick, but also Ireland itself. The songs, their history and their particular culture... and the beers, of course. Whatever it means to you, it's a day that won't be unnoticed. There's green everywhere you look, even the Time Square red stairs became green. This reminds me about the story behind my outfit. Yesterday I realised I had nothing to wear. I went sopping, and to my luck I quickly felt in love with this flower print bomber jacket (TREND ALERT), and easily paired it with the many green jeans they had. I believe this is not a St. P. exclusive outfit. As I said before bombers are so trendy at the moment that you could wear a neon yellow one and be ok. Besides the green is not the traditional vibrant shade.
As for what I did today, I had some Shake Shack hamburgers (the best veggie burgers ever) on Braynt Park and watched the famous parade afterwards. It's a fun activity with some classic Irish music and dancers, in between some modern styles. 
That will be all for today because I can't wait to put my head on my pillow.,
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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