3 Food Stops in LA

When we travel we often look for their typical food while planning our trip, but with Los Angeles, the most iconic food stop is "IN and Out" where you can apparently eat the best burgers in the West Coast. As I´m a veggetarian I can´t tell if it´s true or not, but I carry on with my research and discovered some fashionable coffee stops, and left the rest to the comments on Google maps (I´m sorry to be so sincere, but you always end up looking up for things nearby and reading the comments, even when you are not travelling), and with technology you can see pictures and have access to the menu. Another tip, is to follow some locals on instagram, such as bloggers, and see where they stop by. Bellow I listed my favourite three places with some pictures of what I got, but I also enjoyed some other places, some are the usual touristic stops, as Hard Rock, Cheesecake Factory, Veggie Grill, or Magnolia´s Bakery, and if you happen to be around the Santa Monica area I recommend you try The Independence (menu and location here).

MY TOP 3 Food Stops in LOS ANGELES
Alfred Coffe
A coffee stop is always in the ittennerary. The most famous place is Alfred Coffe, that recently has gained a lot of recognition on instagram, but the truth is that it´s popular for the good quality of the coffee. Delicious and visually attractive coffee. And we can´t deny that the slogan "but first coffee" isn´t part of your life, right? For all locations click here.

Tiago Coffee
Located on Hollywood Bv, perfect for a touristic day with the stars. We found this place on google and it looked great, and due to those things in life it ended up being owned by an argentinian. The place is great for brunch but also serves amazing coffee that could be labaled as "insta worth it". I loved their house made granola and greek yogurt that is the deffinition of homemade. Check out their menu and exact location here.

25 Degrees (Roosevelt Hotel)
In the center of Hollywood perfect for any time of the day, form brunchs to cocktails. I was staying at the Roosevelt Hotel so I didn´t even need to leave the place. I enjoyed the chocolate chips pancakes or the continental breakfast for something lighter. For more information here.


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