Stars near Hollywood

Before I forget to mention it, Happy Valentine´s day! I hope you get to eat plenty heart shaped chocolates and spend it with somebody special. Now, the other thing I wanted to tell you is that I totally forgot to post a personal style outfit yesterday as my mind is working only for NYFW and trying to figure out how am I going to survive the next month by going to uni with this weather. I came to the conclusion that I will slowly leave behind my holidays mood and wear tank tops if necessary. I also remembered that this week I will be posting a new Travel video on my YouTube, the thing is that  I have everything done but I´m too lazy to write the travel guide, but this week it will all change. So stay tuned!

As regards this outfit, when I think about Hollywood, stars come floating into my mind, like literally stars both on the sky and the floor. But I decided not to be cliche once in my life and instead of acting touristic on Hollywood Bv, I took this pics somewhere else. And now that I´m looking back at this photos I am not loving them so I´m going to finish it quickly before I regret it. The look is very simple but no the simple jeans outfit I always talk about for school, but instead I did the all black everything trend. It´s not boring and I feel comfortable in it (I am a rocker on the inside). So this week I dare you to try the "all black everything" outfit.


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